The Retina Center, P.A.
Derek Kuhl MD PhD

We offer a full spectrum of retina speciality care.  A few of our specialized services include:

Avastin/Lucentis: The treatment of many retinal diseases has been revolutionized by these two similar medications.  These medicines are able to control abnormal new blood vessels and the swelling they produce.  These new blood vessels are the end stage of many retinal disease processes, the most important of which are Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy.  While these medications do not cure these diseases, with continued treatment, they can preserve and in some cases improve vision.

Vitrectomy Surgery:   Vitrectomy surgery is used to treat many intraocular diseases such as retinal detachment and vitreous hemorrhage.  We utilize the most advanced and smallest instruments available. This improves comfort and reduces recovery time as compared with more traditional equipment.  These procedures are usually done under a local anesthetic and usually done as an outpatient.  We preform all of our surgical cases at the state of the art facilities at St Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan, Texas.

Laser treatments: We offer laser treatments for diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears at all of our locations. 

Advanced Diagnostics: We have utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment including Optical Coherence Tomography and Scanning Laser Video Angiography to help us obtain the most accurate diagnosis.  This equipment has allowed us to maximize the vision of our patients while minimizing treatments.
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